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If you’re planning on moving to the United Kingdom, you’ll be relocating to one of four fiercely nationalistic countries: England, Wales, North Ireland or Scotland. Being under the royal crown means you can live in London and take trips to see the fairies, the Loch Ness monster or listen to the enticing tangles of the Welsh language whenever you please. Dig into the idiosyncrasies to find what makes each country so unique.


England, as part of the UK, is an island nation off the northwestern coast of Europe, known for it’s rainy maritime climate and famous for its monarchy and culture. England is a leading superpower in the world and holds a number of key roles in international fashion, art, and business. Relocating to England is the start to a number of new traditions and cultural idiosyncrasies. After learning to drive on the left side of the road, you can come home to work on your English Garden and have a spot of tea with a scone.

The famous saying goes ‘The sun never sets on the British empire’. For hundreds of years, Britain, with England at its core, owned much of the world and built a vast and successful empire off of the colonization and trade of foreign lands, but some of its conquests were closer to home. For some of the countries, succession from the United Kingdom have historically and recently been a hot topic. Whether or not there’s support for full independence there’s still light-hearted ill-will towards the English monarchy with the Welsh and Scottish competing for the title of ‘Who hates England more”. At Vanguard Relocation, we like them all, and we’ll be happy to get you into England itself or anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Thinking of your move to Scotland might bring up images of the Loch Ness Monster and Braveheart’s William Wallace, but Scotland has more to offer than just mythical and near mythical beings. The experts at Vanguard Relocation know how to navigate the details of an international move, so that you can jump into the intrigues of both the highlands and lowlands.

With its southern border connected to England, Scotland is a peninsula surrounded by the North Channel, North Sea, Irish Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean. Relocating to Scotland will put you in a temperate oceanic climate.

Scotland’s early history is rife with warring tribes, beginning with the Picts of the 600’s after the era of Roman imperialism. It is more famous for it’s long-term battle with England and recurring talks of succession. Scotland still holds true to some of it’s stereotypes; relocating to one of Scotland’s big cities will provide you with a serenade of bagpipes and a good look at kilted man’s muscular calves. Take a good look and listen while Vanguard Relocation unloads your belongings in Perth or Loch Ness.


Situated on the southwestern part of England, Wales is a mountainous agricultural country with a population of just over 3 million. Often referred to as the ‘Land of Song’, Wales is a prime destination for people interested in moving to a country strong in performance arts. Vanguard Relocation is experienced in moving to the UK and Wales, our team will take care of the details of your international move, so that you can learn about the Celtic history and mythology that still influence the culture.

Northern Ireland
Not to be confused with the Republic of Ireland to its south, Northern Ireland is the only UK country not physically attached to the mainland. In 1922 Northern Ireland, the small country of less than 2 million, became part of the United Kingdom under the monarchy. The economy of Northern Ireland is mainly dependent on Industrial work and technology. Life in the country is also quite active, with a large number of it’s residents playing rugby or soccer and strong golf culture with many successful professional golfers calling Northern Ireland home. Vanguard Relocation will move your clubs across international waters to get you out on the green as quickly as possible.