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For a well rounded sense of being, relocating to Sweden will heed your call. The Scandinavian country combines a healthy dose of nature, sustainability, culture and progress. The country may retain its rough and tumble Viking and ice-playground culture, but in many ways, Sweden is also leading the world in a very progressive direction.

Moving to Sweden? We have everything you need to know and more!

Don’t let your itchy feet get the best of you, moving to Sweden is a big decision, and you’ll want to plan it carefully. Relocating abroad can be a tricky process; knowing what to bring and what you’ll need is the first step. Having an experienced international mover by your side is the next.

Vanguard Relocation provides fast and reliable service from the U.S. to Sweden. Knowing your items are in good hands on their way to Stockholm or Malmo will help ease your stress and let your focus on other details of moving to Sweden.

Naturally you’ll have many questions if you’re planning on moving to Sweden, that’s why Vanguard Relocation has provided the following information to get you up to date on the basics of relocating internationally.

You’re starting a big change, Vanguard Relocation will keep your spirits high when moving to Sweden!

What Can I take With Me When I am Moving To Sweden?

If you are moving to Sweden, you can take your used household goods and personal possessions. Items that can be shipped include furniture, appliances, decorations, books, clothes, toiletries, most types of medications (in reasonable amounts, in original packaging,) medical equipment, computers, electronic gadgets and tools.

What Can’t I take when moving to Sweden?

As the old saying goes, “You can’t take it all with you.” Here’s a short list of things that  cannot be moved to Sweden:
·  Fresh fruit and vegetables
·  Live plants and bulbs
·  Prohibited and restricted seeds
·  Unidentified seeds, which can include some foods, including spices
·  Live animals (including pets) that require an import permit
·  Biological products including some plant based, herbal medications
·  Unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin
·  Soiled items, or items containing organic residues
·  Items knowingly infested with pests or a disease
·  Locked boxes and safes without keys or codes
·  Illegal drugs and some classes of restricted prescription drugs

How Long Does It Take To Ship My Belongings To Sweden?

Vanguard Relocation Services can move your belongings within a standard transit time of 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon the pickup location within the U.S. and your destination in Sweden.

What Services Does Vanguard Relocation Offer Clients Moving To Sweden?

Vanguard Relocation takes the stress and worry out of your moving to Sweden. As a move management company we create a customized moving package to meet your needs and budget, while always providing you with fast, efficient service. All of our move packages include management of border crossings, custom broker services and handling customs documentation.

We maintain long-term partnerships with an array of U.S. and Swedish relocation providers, enabling us to customize your moving experience and select the best transportation services and specialists for your individual needs.

Unlike large, worldwide movers who often work with a loose list of international providers, Vanguard works with a team of well-established contacts to streamline your move and provide seamless integration from beginning to end.

Choose between these packages when moving to Sweden:

• You Load We Drive

• White Glove Service

• Small Shipments

• Separate Services

You Load We Drive

This is the most popular and cost-effective moving service in the industry.

We bring an empty container or crate to your location within the US. You load it up with the things you want to bring and then we transport it to your new home in Sweden, where we unload it.

We take care of all of the logistics from the time your shipment leaves your home in the U.S. to the time it arrives at your door in Sweden. We handle import and export customs clearance.

The “You Load We Drive” package includes:

• Bringing a container, standard crate or custom crate.
• Door to door transportation service from anywhere in the U.S. to anywhere in Sweden.
• Import/Export customs clearance.
• Agent fees at destination
• Delivery up to 2nd floor, with
• Domestic & International ocean freight
• Unloading & debris removal same day

The “You Load We Drive” package does not include:

• Packing and boxing all items to be transported.
• Loading of container or crate.
• Blanket or shrink wrapping furniture.
• Preparing a packing list for customs.
• Elevator or shuttle services at destination
• Inspection or examination or X-Ray charges
• Storage fees
• Taxes or duties
• Quarantine/MAF charges if assessed

Pricing for “You Load We Drive Service”:

We provide you with a flat rate quote that includes all of the items above, based on the anticipated number of feet you expect to use – up to the entire 28-foot trailer. The minimum cost for this service is based on using one liftvan. For large loads, Vanguard can arrange for exclusive use of a 20′ or 40′ container.

Sample Price Estimates

Estimates are based on customers in various locations using the “You Load We Drive Service” to ship the contents of a standard studio with limited furnishings, using one liftvan.

Denver, Colorado to Malmo

Charlotte, North Carolina to Gothenburg

Long Island, New York to Stockholm

If prices are not shown, call for an estimate: 800-918-7356

Importance of Proper Packing

Every effort will be made for your shipment to arrive as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. However, when moving to Sweden your household goods shipment may be exposed to varying harsh weather and road conditions during transport. Therefore, all precautions should be taken to properly pack fragile items.

It’s also important to remember that the Swedish customs officials are not professional movers and have the authority to open, unload and move your items for inspection. Proper packing will help ensure your goods are protected throughout your move.

White Glove Service

Let’s say you don’t want to pack and haul boxes, move cumbersome decorations and furniture out of your house and stack it in the container or crate. Instead, we’ll arrange for a dedicated team, including one of our top van line partners, to carefully package your belongings for shipment, transport your load through the U.S. and Sweden, handle customs clearance, and deliver your shipment to your final destination.

Upon delivery, our selected service personnel in Sweden will unload, place all of your boxes and furniture in your home and remove any debris after unpacking.

Our partnership with several premiere van lines enables us to provide you with discounted rates for these services, saving you money over the cost of booking your move directly through the van lines.

Small Shipments

If you only want to bring a small number of items to Sweden to help you settle into your new life, we can arrange for a cost-effective transport service specifically designed for small shipments.

This service is fast, cost-effective and dependable, whether you want to ship your golf clubs to Uppsala, bring your books to Stockholm, or transplant your piano to Malmo. We will make sure your small shipment arrives at your door safely.

Separate Services

Select Only the Services You Need

Sometimes all you want is assistance with a particular task, or you want to add on to your current moving package.

Vanguard Relocation Services will arrange for the exact services you need to create a customized package.

Our “a la carte” options include:

• Full packing
• Partial packing service of selected possessions
• Loading service
• Unloading Service
• Custom crating of art, antiques and high value items.

Free Moving to Sweden Consultations and Quotes

We offer free consultations to anyone moving to Sweden – even if you’re not using our services. We understand that the best way of doing business is through referrals and word of mouth, so we are happy to assist you in navigating the complexities of shipping and moving to Sweden.

Call us today at 800-918-7356 to receive a free moving quote, expert advice or personalized service for all of your moving needs.

If you have any questions about what to take or not to take when moving to Sweden please visit the Swedish Government’s site.


Culture/ Lifestyle

In many ways Sweden creates a very minimalist vibe. That doesn’t mean that moving to Sweden is boring, quite the opposite. The Swedes use a little to make a lot. From fashion, decor to film, Sweden has made a big splash in the world. Vanguard Relocation follows the lead, and makes relocating to Sweden very simple and straight forward. Moving to Sweden puts you in the home of IKEA and H&M, both of which embody the Swedish style of minimal functionalism. Emphasizing clean and pared down sophistication, both companies show off the general milieu of an effortless but classy look.

Fashion and design may be booming, but Swedish film and music hold their own as well. The thriller “Girl with the dragon tattoo” and indie gem ‘Peter, Bjorn and John” have both originated out of Sweden, and any true film buff will revere the genius of Ingmar Bergman and Lasse Hallström. The Swedes take pride in creating highly intelligent pieces of work without flaunting it; which has held their admirable low-key prominence in the arts.Although the more artistic style has been a defining feature of Swedish pieces, they don’t shy away from pop culture either, lest we forget ABBA or Andreas Carlson and Max Marton who wrote songs for Brittany Spears. The nearly 10 million population may be part of a modern nation, but they still hold their traditions very dearly. While the people celebrate the normal religious holidays, more attention is put on the seasonally-linked festivities.

Vanguard Relocation will transport your items around the world while you dance around the Maypole for the Midsummer festivities. You’ll get a rare look at both summer and the traditional costumes. Relocating just before the spring outs you in time to celebrate Walpurgis Eve on May 1st; throw down your torch and watch the bonfires burn with your neighbors. It’ll be good to get out and meet the people as they’re known for being somewhat reserved. Don’t worry, just bust out your dry wit and sarcasm and you’ll fit right in.


While the monarchy still exists under King Carl XVI Gustaf, Sweden is a parliamentary democracy. Famous for its historical world-traveling, raucous Vikings, Sweden progressed through the ages to become less obstreperous while harnessing its curiosity for innovation. Although the country is often seen as a neutral area due to its partial detachment from WWI and WWII, the country has still participated in military operations aligned with NATO. Sweden has been part of the European Union since 1995, but has retained its Swedish Krona as currency. While Vanguard Relocation is moving your items into your new home, you can loosen your tongue and practice your Swedish; it’s not easy but very lovely.


Sandwiched between Norway and Finland, Sweden is a Scandinavian country with 15 % staying frosty up in the Arctic Circle. If you love mountains and water, moving to Sweden can provide for you as well. The country is home to the Scandes mountain chain and a long eastern and southern shoreline. The country is also predominantly covered in forests, so you can enjoy a long nature walk alone or with your family. The Swedes love their landscape; in 1910 they were the first country to create National Parks. You’ll have to take your joy in the landscape, because the climate is slightly less inviting. You’ll get your four seasons, but don’t ever leave your sweater too far away.

For a real twist, moving to Sweden can give you 24 hour daylight or darkness at certain times of the year. Vanguard Relocation won’t get blinded or lost in the dark; we provide dependable service to bring you your items. Vanguard Relocation knows its way around the globe and will make moving to Sweden simple no matter what time of year you choose to move.


The idea of a move to Sweden might be exciting, but do you know how to start? Vanguard Relocation understands that preparing for a move abroad can be a bit of a rollercoaster; our experts know the details of relocating and have provided a 5 step guide on how to move to Sweden to help calm your nerves and get you started.

Know where to go

Get to know the country you’ll be relocating to. A move to Sweden will be quite unique and depending on your prospective city it can change a lot. The geography, culture and cost of living will change quite a bit depending on your choice. Visit first if you can, and see if the northern lights don’t lull you in.

If you’re sure the a move to Sweden is the right thing for you, then make sure that you’re ready for periods of dark and light and choose a city carefully. Don’t choose a northern village if you desire the bright city lights.

Your life on paper: documentation

Start researching your visa options early and make sure that you meet the requirements for one the will fulfill your needs.

The visa procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly. Find out what documents you need and apply long before you plan to move to Sweden. You’ll want copies and originals of all important personal documents both for the visa and for when you’re in Sweden. Expect a few weeks to a couple months for your visa to be processed.

Remember, you’re not going anywhere without a passport!

Visit the Swedish Immigration website for more information.

All in good time

Make a timeline for your move to Sweden and stick to it.

Give yourself time both for research and for process steps for the move to Sweden. Start everything 6-12 months before you want to leave, and get big things like selling a house or a car out of the way first. Don’t forget to book flights and a moving company well in advance. Once you’ve gotten pressing matters dealt with, chip away at all the little things like packing small items, canceling subscriptions and returning library books or movies.

Funding your travels

Time is money and moving is money, too.

Neither the move to Sweden now a life in Sweden will be cheap. The country is expensive and there are a number of expenditures to think of, make sure that you can afford a move to Sweden before beginning the process.

Take plenty of time to research options and calculate how much the cost will be as well as estimate your cost of living abroad. Make sure that your savings or salary can support you abroad.

Don’t get blindsided by the exchange rate to Swedish Kroners either, set up a Swedish bank account as soon as possible.

Find A Moving Company

A moving company not only transports your household goods but can answer questions about how to move to Sweden as well.

Take a look at services and prices that moving companies provide. Do you want door-to-door, door to port or port do door? Know what you need and research the possibilities. Have your options in front of you and ask questions to make sure your items travel seamlessly though customs.

Book your moving company early to give you peace of mind. This will let you focus on more exciting aspects of your move to Sweden.