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Life in Scotland can be magical, but figuring out how to move to Scotland can bring about a number of difficulties. With the right information, you'll be able to make a thorough plan and get safely overseas. Vanguard Relocation knows the details of transplanting abroad and has created a 5 step guide on how to move to Scotland to help you get started.

Thinking about moving to Scotland ? Here’s some helpful information!

Scotland is a beautiful country, and confusing details shouldn’t dampen your excitement about moving overseas. With the experts at Vanguard Relocation your transition to Europe will be safe and simple.

The following information is provided by Vanguard Relocation Services. We specialize in offering you fast, dependable, cost-effective moving to Scotland – whether you’re moving to Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, or anywhere in between.

It’s not easy moving to Scotland; Vanguard Relocation is here to help!


What Can I take With Me When I am Moving To Scotland?

If you are moving to Scotland, you can take your used household goods and personal possessions. Items that can be shipped include furniture, appliances, decorations, books, clothes, toiletries, most types of medications (in reasonable amounts, in original packaging,) medical equipment, computers, electronic gadgets and tools.

What Can’t I take when moving to Scotland?

As the old saying goes, “You can’t take it all with you.” Here’s a short list of things that  cannot be moved to Scotland:
·  Fresh fruit and vegetables
·  Live plants and bulbs
·  Prohibited and restricted seeds
·  Unidentified seeds, which can include some foods, including spices
·  Live animals (including pets) that require an import permit
·  Biological products including some plant based, herbal medications
·  Unprocessed goods of plant or animal origin
·  Soiled items, or items containing organic residues
·  Items knowingly infested with pests or a disease
·  Locked boxes and safes without keys or codes
·  Illegal drugs and some classes of restricted prescription drugs

How Long Does It Take To Ship My Belongings To Scotland?

Vanguard Relocation Services can move your belongings within a standard transit time of 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon the pickup location within the U.S. and your destination in Scotland.

What Services Does Vanguard Relocation Offer Clients Moving To Scotland?

Vanguard Relocation takes the stress and worry out of your moving to Scotland. As a move management company we create a customized moving package to meet your needs and budget, while always providing you with fast, efficient service. All of our move packages include management of border crossings, custom broker services and handling customs documentation.

We maintain long-term partnerships with an array of U.S. and Scottish relocation providers, enabling us to customize your moving experience and select the best transportation services and specialists for your individual needs.

Unlike large, worldwide movers who often work with a loose list of international providers, Vanguard works with a team of well-established contacts to streamline your move and provide seamless integration from beginning to end.

Choose between these packages when moving to Scotland:

• You Load We Drive

• White Glove Service

• Small Shipments

• Separate Services

You Load We Drive

This is the most popular and cost-effective moving service in the industry.

We bring an empty container or crate to your location within the US. You load it up with the things you want to bring and then we transport it to your new home in Scotland, where we unload it.

We take care of all of the logistics from the time your shipment leaves your home in the U.S. to the time it arrives at your door in Scotland. We handle import and export customs clearance.

The “You Load We Drive” package includes:

• Bringing a container, standard crate or custom crate.
• Door to door transportation service from anywhere in the U.S. to anywhere in Scotland.
• Import/Export customs clearance.
• Agent fees at destination
• Delivery up to 2nd floor, with
• Domestic & International ocean freight
• Unloading & debris removal same day

The “You Load We Drive” package does not include:

• Packing and boxing all items to be transported.
• Loading of container or crate.
• Blanket or shrink wrapping furniture.
• Preparing a packing list for customs.
• Elevator or shuttle services at destination
• Inspection or examination or X-Ray charges
• Storage fees
• Taxes or duties
• Quarantine/MAF charges if assessed

Pricing for “You Load We Drive Service”:

We provide you with a flat rate quote that includes all of the items above, based on the anticipated number of feet you expect to use – up to the entire 28-foot trailer. The minimum cost for this service is based on using one liftvan. For large loads, Vanguard can arrange for exclusive use of a 20′ or 40′ container.

Sample Price Estimates

Estimates are based on customers in various locations using the “You Load We Drive Service” to ship the contents of a standard studio with limited furnishings, using one liftvan.

Denver, Colorado to Edinburgh

Charlotte, North Carolina to Glasgow

Long Island, New York to Awe

If prices are not shown, call for an estimate: 800-918-7356

Importance of Proper Packing

Every effort will be made for your shipment to arrive as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. However, when moving to Scotland your household goods shipment may be exposed to varying harsh weather and road conditions during transport. Therefore, all precautions should be taken to properly pack fragile items.

It’s also important to remember that the Scottish customs officials are not professional movers and have the authority to open, unload and move your items for inspection. Proper packing will help ensure your goods are protected throughout your move.

White Glove Service

Let’s say you don’t want to pack and haul boxes, move cumbersome decorations and furniture out of your house and stack it in the container or crate. Instead, we’ll arrange for a dedicated team, including one of our top van line partners, to carefully package your belongings for shipment, transport your load through the U.S. and Scotland, handle customs clearance, and deliver your shipment to your final destination.

Upon delivery, our selected service personnel in Scotland will unload, place all of your boxes and furniture in your home and remove any debris after unpacking.

Our partnership with several premiere van lines enables us to provide you with discounted rates for these services, saving you money over the cost of booking your move directly through the van lines.

Small Shipments

If you only want to bring a small number of items to Scotland to help you settle into your new life, we can arrange for a cost-effective transport service specifically designed for small shipments.

This service is fast, cost-effective and dependable, whether you want to ship your golf clubs to Glasgow, bring your books to Awe, or transplant your piano to Edinburgh. We will make sure your small shipment arrives at your door safely.

Separate Services

Select Only the Services You Need

Sometimes all you want is assistance with a particular task, or you want to add on to your current moving package.

Vanguard Relocation Services will arrange for the exact services you need to create a customized package.

Our “a la carte” options include:

• Full packing
• Partial packing service of selected possessions
• Loading service
• Unloading Service
• Custom crating of art, antiques and high value items.

Free Moving to Scotland Consultations and Quotes

We offer free consultations to anyone moving to Scotland – even if you’re not using our services. We understand that the best way of doing business is through referrals and word of mouth, so we are happy to assist you in navigating the complexities of shipping and moving to Scotland.

Call us today at 800-918-7356 to receive a free moving quote, expert advice or personalized service for all of your moving needs.

If you have any questions about what to take or not to take when moving to Scotland please visit the United Kindom’s Government’s site. 


The Scots are quite proud to be Scots starting with the language. English is the most spoken, but if you’re moving to Scotland you’ll be quick to notice the Gaelic on all road signs and many others. Gaelic is still spoken in certain areas of the country. There are certain symbols of Scottish culture that have made a definite imprint on the public eye. Vanguard Relocation will help you see them firsthand as quickly as possible. The Bagpipe is still heard on a normal basis and it’s not hard to find kilt-laden gentlemen strolling the streets. If you already have your own wares, Vanguard Relocation is happy to pack them with the best care and get them into your new home. It might not be as well known, but the ultimate symbol for Scotland is the thistle.

The country also has a great history in literature. Robert Burns and Arthur Conan Doyle, among others, are still well-read today. A healthy dose of humor and Scottish identity can often be found in their works. Perhaps one of the best examples would be Robert Burns’ almost nonsensical poem “ode to haggis’. Haggis has gotten many sneers from foreigners, but that’s no reason not to love it. In fact, haggis neeps and tatties is a favorite dish by many. Moving to Scotland is about trying new things, so make it your first meal! You’ll have to wash it down with some world-famous Scotch. Scotland is home to the best whiskey in the world.

Vanguard Relocation is well-versed in the favorites of Scotland, so we’re prepared for whatever you might want. If you’re an avid golfer, Scotland is your mecca and we’ll pack those clubs safely abroad. Play it out on the numerous fields around the country; if you really mean business there’s no other place but St. Andrews. You might need to make a reservation a year in advance, though, so pack up your home and stay a while.


Scotland is a fiercely nationalistic country with great pride in its land and people and has had to fight long and hard for it. Vanguard Relocation can get you smoothly to see the landmarks of the first tribes and kingdoms that date back to 3100 BC. The more popular historic sites date back to around the 1300’s, perhaps the most famous era for Scotland. Scotland and England warred for hundreds of years, but the time of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace has become the most well-known. Scotland never achieved full independence, but grew to create a rich culture, and was revered for its intellectual and industrial advancements. Later on, Scotland joined England during both world wars but is a rather peaceful country these days.

Scotland applauded for its financial and scientific strength, and is also still connected to England and the UK. Scotland is self-governing under the UK monarchy, but while talks of secession still exist, moving to Scotland won’t have you entangled in bloody battles anymore.


Perhaps the most defining feature of the Scottish landscape is the Lochs. A loch is a normal lake, but the Scots use the Gaelic word of Loch, there are actually few bodies of water called ‘lakes’ within the country. Many of the Loch’s are well visited, the most famous being Loch Ness due to it’s history as home to a monster, but from Loch Awe to Loch Lomond, many are home to beautiful castle relics. If you’re moving to Scotland’s northern Highlands, you’ll be close to the highest mountains in the land that burst up from the waters like a painting. It may be colder up north, but the rolling hills and snow-covered peaks are well worth it. Like its southern and only land neighbor, England, the weather tends to be mild and cool throughout the year with many grey skies. Luckily it gets sunny in some of the coastal areas. The country is surrounded by the Irish Seam North Channel, Atlantic Ocean and North Sea with islands scattered within. Let Vanguard Relocation make moving to Scotland pleasant and get you safely to the Orkney Islands or down south in the warmer areas.

Know where to go

Know what you want from a new city and country and take it all into consideration when figuring out a move to Scotland. The 32 council areas will provide an array of options with varying lifestyles and amenities so research it well. Research the cost of living, infrastructure and culture visit if you can. Know what you want and need before you go, and make sure that you can adapt well enough to the changes of a move to Scotland.

Your life on paper: documentation

The steps of how to move to Scotland revolve heavily around paperwork. You can’t get anywhere without the necessary papers starting with a passport and a visa. Give yourself over a month to secure everything. Visas require different documents, the most common are birth and marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, health records, diplomas and certifications, social security cards and insurance cards, but you might need others as well; read the visa requirements carefully and gather your documents together. Have both copies and originals ready, sometimes you’ll need both.

Visit the United Kingdom Immigration website for more information.

All in good time

It’s rough to enjoy the prospects of life after a move to Scotland if you’re stressing about getting everything done in time. Make a plan and follow it closely with enough time to research and carry out your plans. While some things take a certain amount of time like visa processing others can be done whenever, but don’t leave them to the last minute or else things will be hectic in the few days before you head out. Make sure that you understand how to move to Scotland and follow the steps in good time. Sell items, cancel accounts, send forwarding addresses, give enough processing time for anything that you need to apply to like visas, schools and housing. 6-12 months should be sufficient to get your affairs in order.

Funding your travels

Make sure that you have the money to move to Scotland before you go. The cost of living and the exchange rate into Pounds can make a mighty dent, so plan a budget and figure out if your savings and salary can support your lifestyle. Open up a bank account and get a Scottish credit card to ease the money difference.

Just getting to Scotland costs money as well. Buy plane tickets as early as possible, book a moving company in advance and have a little nest egg to pay for all the little things like taxis and fees.

Find A Moving Company

Know what you want and need from a moving company and compare companies. The right moving company will Depend on what you plan to bring with you when you move to Scotland. Take a look at services and prices and ask questions about how to move to Scotland. Services will be the most important, research different pricing like weight or space and different transportation methods like door-to-door or door-to-port, and figure out what works best for you.

Plan ahead, make lists and budgets and make a safe move to Scotland!